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Newsletter 2021 – 14th October

Welcome back to the new term and the last for the year. I hope you managed to have some quality family time together and that your children are well rested for the busy term ahead. We are now in summer uniform and the children will have until the end of week three to have made the transition to the summer uniform.

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Newsletter 2021 – 23rd September

What a busy term we have had with both Athletics and Performing Arts events taking place and our children being involved in so many exciting activities. It has been wonderful to see children develop, show their skills and excel in their areas of interest during this time. I’m sure the children are ready for a well-deserved break after such an exciting and action packed term.

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Newsletter 2021 – 2nd September

Next week we have our school Athletics Carnival. The Carnival is held over two days (Monday and Tuesday) and detailed information will be sent home regarding the day. We look forward to seeing the children involved in a variety of events and showcasing the skills they have been developing in their Physical Education classes. I thank Mr Braid Bouffler in advance for all his hard work in organising the carnival and preparing students for the events.

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Newsletter 2021 – 20th August

Today and next Monday we have children performing in both soloists’ sections and as part of the school choir in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. It is fantastic that children get an opportunity to share their skills and talents in this format. Our Percussion ensemble received a Certificate of Merit and will be performing their piece at the upcoming Year 1 Assembly. Best of luck to our children involved in the Performing Arts.

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Newsletter 2021 – 10th August

What an amazing week we had last week with many events taking place. We celebrated Luna’s 1st Birthday, our Interschool Cross Country team came in second place and our Percussion Ensemble performed at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. It is great to see children being involved in so many different activities and getting the opportunity to show their skills and talents. Thank you to the staff of Sacred Heart for providing these opportunities and parents and guardians for supporting your children in their commitments to practice, rehearse and commit to these pursuits.

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Term Three started with Sacred Heart celebrating NAIDOC Week. On Monday we had a special guest at school, Uncle Barry, who welcomed us to country with a traditional Smoking Ceremony. Then on Wednesday the students took part in a NAIDOC Week Liturgy and had the opportunity to try kangaroo sausages for lunch, courtesy of Woolworths. The children finished off NAIDOC Week by...

Newsletter 2021 – 22nd July

Welcome back to a new term! We certainly ended the term in uncertain waters but seem to be sailing through a relative calm at this point. Western Australia is currently in Phase 5 restrictions which means relative freedom for all and, as a result, all activities on the school calendar will be able to go ahead and parent involvement can be restored. Please have a very close look at the calendar as some of the postponed events from last term have been shifted to this term. We look forward to celebrating these events throughout the next couple of months.

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Sacred Heart Day

The 24th of June is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, one of the most exciting events on our school calendar! In 2021 the day began with a mass to celebrate the Feast, with Father Minh-Thuy explaining what the Sacred Heart of Jesus means and ways we can show love. Between recess and lunch, it was all fun at the stalls and games, organised by the classes and P&F....

Newsletter 2021 – 2nd July

I would like to congratulate our all students on their wonderful efforts this term. I have seen much growth in our students this term, coupled with an enthusiasm and a desire for learning. I also thank our staff for their continued dedication and ongoing hard work to providing for the students in their care. Due to this hard work, our students and staff are exhausted, especially after an 11-week term! The Lockdown might have dampened some holiday plans but it’s moments like these when we really have to take stock of the beautiful place we live in, and how lucky we are in comparison to so many other places around Australia and the world. On behalf of all the staff, I would like to wish all of our families and community members a safe and relaxing break.

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Newsletter 2021 – 16th June

I hope the children all enjoyed the wonderful event that was Sacred Heart Day. The children and staff all had a great time and learnt a lot about the school and the traditions of our founding Loreto sisters. We also raised $2,907. This money will go to both supporting the Arch Bishop’s LifeLink appeal and to also supporting Loreto sisters charitable works through the Mary Ward Foundation. I thank the staff, P&F, Fr Minh Thuy and the many student helpers from various secondary schools in the area for making our day such a success.

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