Respect Reverence Responsibility Resilience

The vision to be a Christ-centred and student-focused community

School Procedures

Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour anddecision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students

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School Uniform

A school uniform is an item that should be worn with pride because it says to the community, “I am a member of the Sacred Heart School, which is a special community in its own right”.

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Whole School Play

The staff at Sacred Heart Primary School value play as an important tool in the teaching and learning process. Through play, there are clear positive outcomes.

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Student Leadership And Participation

At Sacred Heart Primary School, every Year 6 student is provided with opportunities and support to develop their leadership potential. We believe all students have the right to hold a leadership position and as a result, a model of leadership has been developed which is inclusive. The following is an outline of each of these opportunities and how we believe they support and encourage important life skills.

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Reporting Structure

Sacred Heart has developed a reporting structure across year group clusters.

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Information and Communication Technology Use by Students Procedure

In accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, communication must reflect the highest standard of accountability and sensitivity to the dignity of the human person. ‘Students need also to critique the influence of social, political and economic structures in Australian society from a Gospel perspective. Media and other instruments of communication are particularly important.’

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Mobile Phone Procedure

Mobile phones are part of modern society and the School which includes the OSHC Centre accepts that students will possess mobile phones. There are times when it may be genuinely appropriate and useful for students to have access to them, however, the ever-changing mobile phone technology presents a number of challenges to the school environment.

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Homework Procedure

Homework should include such activities as reading, spelling and times tables practice. It may include practising a skill or process that students can do independently but not fluently, elaborating on information that has been addressed in class to deepen students’ knowledge and providing opportunities for students to explore topics of their own interest. As a result, homework will vary from class to class.

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