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The ongoing enrolment of every child at Catholic schools is guaranteed irrespective of a family’s current financial situation

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Child Care Subsidy

To help you with the cost of your childcare, the Australian Government provides the following assistance:

The Australian Government provides financial assistance in the form of Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to eligible families to help cover the cost of childcare. CCS is paid directly to the service, who then pass this on to families in the form of fee reductions.  Families will then pay the difference between their subsidy and the fees charged.

Child Care Subsidy levels are different for each family and depend on your individual circumstances.  Child Care Subsidy is determined by an activity test based on three key factors:

  • The activity level of both parents
  • Your combined family income
  • The type of care required

A board range of activities will meet the activity test requirements, including paid work, being self-employed, doing unpaid work in the family business, studying and volunteering.

Learn more about the New Child Care Package – information resources for families


Parent Resources

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