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The Loreto Sisters founded Sacred Heart School in 1965

Our History

The Loreto Sisters founded Sacred Heart School in 1965. Initially the school was situated at Tonbridge Way and operated as a single stream school.

Maguire House

Maguire House

Named after Sr Helen Maguire, IBVM

  • Born in Sydney
  • Educated at Loreto Kirribilli
  • Entered Religious Life at the Loreto Convent in 1962
  • Sr Helen was Principal of Sacred Heart School Thornlie on the Tonbridge Way site from 1972-1976
Murphy House

Murphy House

Named after Sr Helen Murphy, IBVM

  • Born in Western New South Wales
  • Entered the Religious life at the Loreto Convent in 1963
  • Sr Helen was Principal of Sacred Heart School Thornlie on the Tonbridge Way site from 1984-1986
Welch House

Welch House

Named after Sr Maria Welch, IBVM

  • Born in Cairns, Northern Queensland
  • Retired and lived in Queensland
  • Enjoyed walking in the bush and on the beach and listening to music
  • Sr Maria was Principal of Sacred Heart School Thornlie on the Tonbridge Way site from 1976—1983
  • Sr Maria Passed away in 2007
Wright House

Wright House

Named after Sr Victor Wright

  • Born in Ballarat, Victoria
  • Educated at Loreto College
  • Entered the Loreto Convent in 1958
  • Sr Victor was Principal of Sacred Heart on the Tonbridge Way site and was responsible for relocating the school to its present site
  • Sr Victor was Principal from 1987-1990

During the early 80’s it was evident that the school would not be able to cope with the increased enrolments due to development in the area. The decision was made to move to our present site to accommodate a double stream school.

At the beginning of 1988, the Junior Primary classes were established and by 1994 the school had grown to a full double stream from Pre-Primary to Year Seven with a Special Education Centre. Four-year-old kindergarten commenced in 1997. Three-year-old kindergarten and before and after school care began in 2006 and a purpose-built Child Care Facility was opened in 2008.  In 2015 we celebrate our 50th Anniversary any many events are planned throughout the year to celebrate this important milestone.

The school is appreciative of the efforts of previous Principals and School Board Chairpersons listed below:


Year School Principals Board Chairperson
1965-1970 Sr. Kathleen Brennan  
1971-1975 Sr. Helen Maguire  
1976-1983 Sr. Maria Welch Thomas O’Donnell
Lew Harries
Mick Scott
1984-1986 Sr. Helen Murphy Brian Cutjar
1987-1990 Sr. Victor Wright David Sinden
Laurie Thompson
1991-1993 Geoff Hendriks Margaret O’Neill
1994-1999 Patsy Runge Tony Italiano
Steve Payne
2000-2003 Anne Nolan Peter House
Julie Hegarty
2004-2008 Shane Baker Patrick Bianchini
Robert Caldera
2009-2017 Suzanne Fox Mark Smith
Valerie Maxville
Troy Seaman
2017-2018 Miranda Swann Kimberly Brosztl
2019- Steve Gibbs Emma Seaman


In 2004 several past Principals were remembered when the school adopted House names instead of the traditional faction colours. The House system operates with Welch, Maguire, Wright and Murphy and all students upon enrolment at the school are placed in a House. The school’s story has been captured on a DVD now and is presented to all new staff as part of the Faith, Witness, Story staff accreditation and orientation programme.

The school has a sound reputation that was established by the commitment of the Loreto Sisters and is continued today by the commitment and dedication of staff and parents. The community is indebted to the Loreto Sisters and it is hoped that the traditions they have left behind will serve testimony to their presence.

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