Student Leadership Model

Sacred Heart's shared model of leadership is based on serving others and developing our own leadership qualities. All Year Six students take on the important role of leadership within the school community with the support and encouragement of their classroom teachers, parents and school staff. All students will be involved in one of the Leadership ministries - Pastoral, Communication, Events/IT, Sustainability each term so that by the end of the school year they will have contributed to all aspects of school life.

Selected students are given additional responsibility as Councillors and House Captains. Our rationale for this style of leadership ensures:

  1. Every student in Year 6 has the shared responsibility to lead others
  2. Every student in Year 6 has the right to develop his or her leadership qualities
  3. Leadership is based on service to others

Buddy Programme

At Sacred Heart we implement a systematic buddy programme adapted from 'Better Buddies - Creating creative and friendly schools.' This two year programme enables students to develop strong links with another year group. Year One classes initially buddy with Year 5 and this is followed through when the students are in Year Two and Year Six. The students do not have the same buddy but have the opportunity to work with the same group of buddies. All students have the opportunity to engage in activities which teach pro social skills and key to the programme is the opportunity to reflect on each experience and identify future learning goals.

Why do we have a Buddy Programme?

  • Assists Early Childhood students in their transition to formal schooling by giving them important ‘contact’ with older students
  • Allows the younger students to have one on one attention within an educational context
  • Gives senior students an opportunity to socialise with younger children
  • Gives the Year Five & Six students a sense of responsibility towards another individual as mentors and role models
  • Provides the senior students with a sense of importance and a chance to demonstrate leadership skills
  • Encourages patience, understanding and empathy in all students