School Photos begin TOMMOROW 21 May.

Please ensure that your child is wearing FULL WINTER UNIFORM and that shoes are polished. Don't forget to bring your biggest smiles!

Please note that the Office will be closed until around 8:25 am.


 Time  Monday Time Friday
9:00 KB 9:00 KW
9:20 PPB 9:20 PPW
9:40  Year 1B 9:40 Year 6B
10:00  Year 2B  10:00  Year 6W 
Morning Tea and Sibling Photos    
11:00 Year 4B 11:00 Sports Captains
11:20 Year 5B 11:10 School Councillors
11:20 Year 5W
11:40 Year 1W
12:00 Year 2W
Lunch and Sibling Photos
    1:20 Year 4W
1:40 Year 3W
2:00 Year 3B