The school has a number of staff qualified in Senior First Aid who will deal with any first aid incidents or illnesses, which may arise. In most cases, in the event of illness, home or emergency phone numbers will be contacted for the student to be sent home as school is not the place for a sick student.

Please Note: that while these staff are fully aware of their duty of care, they do not profess to be doctors. After a parent has been informed of their child’s first aid incident, or illness, it remains the parents’ responsibility to seek further advice from their doctor.

All serious injuries will be reported to the Principal (or Assistant Principal). The teacher witnessing the accident will fill out the Catholic Church Insurances Accident Report Form available from the First Aid Room.

AMBULANCES: Parents will be contacted if an ambulance is necessary. For this reason it is vital that parent/guardian contact phone numbers be kept up to date – as well as for other minor emergencies or accidents and illnesses for your child.


Should a child require medicine or medication for any reason, please ensure that it is handed into the office and not kept in the child’s bag. You will be required to fill in the relevant medical form with clear instructions. Staff are not responsible for administering medication but they will assist your child to follow the instructions you have provided. (Asthma puffers may be kept in the child’s bag providing the appropriate form has been completed). No medication can be administered without the completed form and no medication (including Panadol) is provided by the school.

Download the Medication Request Form

Medical Conditions

The school staff need to know about any medical conditions a child has which may require emergency medication or treatment. Examples of these conditions could include Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies (bee stings, nut and other food intolerances). Please complete the relevant Medication form which is available from the office. Your child’s name and photograph will then be added to the Medic Alert Board located in the First Aid Room. This will mean all staff will be aware of the appropriate action or treatment.

A Medical Needs File, which lists class by class every child who has any medical problem is kept in the first aid room. It is a crucial file necessary to carry out fast and proficient first aid.

Mediband Bracelets

The school will once again be providing Medibands for Students who have special medical needs. Mediband products are made of medical-grade silicone and are hard-wearing, non-toxic wearable items designed to make life easier if you have a medical condition that may need medical assistance. If your child does suffer from such a medical condition and you are interested,
please download and fill in the form provided below and return to the school office by Wednesday 10 February 2016.

Download the Mediband Bracelet Order Form