Leadership Team

Principal Miranda Swann
Assistant Principal Vanessa Alaniz
Faith Co-Ordinator Mr Graham Maher
Digital Teaching & Learning Co-Ordinator Mr Shane Landers
Curriculum Co-Ordinator Mrs Welly Fragapane
Student Learning Support Coordinator Mrs Anita McArdle
Early Years Coordinator Mrs Debbie Cannell

Office Administration

Administration Officer Jill Hall
Chloe O'Leary
Margaret O'Neill
Finance Officer Geraldine Steen (Monday-Thursday)


Early Learning Centre Sheena Doutch
Kindergarten Annie Gerhardy (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
Lauren Shaw (Wednesday)
Pre-Primary Rebecca Lane (PPB) 
Jo Hodgson (PPW)
Year 1 Lani Edwards (1B)
Debbie Cannell (1W)
Year 2 Dee Gevaux (2B)
Emily Newman (2W)
Year 3 Andrew Milne (3B)
Natalie Giglia (3W)
Year 4 Shane Landers (4B): Monday - Wednesday
Graham Maher (4B): Thursday - Friday
Kate Masiello (4W)
Year 5

Klara Wiryadinata (5B): Monday - Thursday
Jessica Currulli (5B): Friday
Mrs Catherine Brunt (5W)

Year 6 Nicola Wladyka (6B): Monday - Wednesday
Jackie Connelly (6B): Thursday - Friday
Brendon Burke (6W)
Literacy/Numeracy Support Teachers Welly Fragapane
Thea Hurba
Anita McArdle

Specialist and Support Teachers

Inclusion Support Centre Michelle Connolly
Malissa Kelly
Lynda Greene
Lauren Shaw (PMP)
Physical Education Lauren Shaw
Science Specialist Ivana Zdravic
Japanese Nola De Sales
Music/Performing Arts/Dance/Drama Christina Vinci
The Arts (Visual Art) Reita Wingard
STEAM Reita Wingard
Early Childhood Management Debbie Cannell
Vanessa Alaniz
Acadmic Extension Ivana Zdravic
Reita Wingard
Liturgical Singing Graham Maher
Christina Vinci
IT Management Graham Maher
School Chaplain Frances Mercer

Education Assistants

Kindergarten Katrina Hanna
Dianne Warny
PPB Monica Doherty-Bigara
PPW Sandra Maguire
Loretta Joyce
Year 1 Sue Bianchini
Loretta Joyce
Michelle McIntyre
Year 2 Carolyn Hambley
Year 3 Rene Dragon
Inclusion Support Assistants Margaret Johnstone
Heather Biel
Sarah Savill
Lena Williams
Hannah Higgins
Silvana Sciarrone
Janna Brousse de Gersigny
Deanna Willis 
Mi-Kyung Symes
Aboriginal Teaching Assistant Hannah Higgins
Library Officer Bernie Halliday

Non-teaching Staff

Groundsman Vince Lambertini
Canteen Manager Lucy O’Sullivan
Claudia Therkelsen


Manager, Early Childhood Education and Care Vanessa Alaniz
Children's Services Director Amanda McCorkill
Admin Support Chloe O'Leary
Early Learning Centre
Amanda McCorkill (Children's Services Director/Nominated Supervisor)
Sheena Doutch (Early Childhood Teacher/Educational Leader)
Megan Rowland (Assistant Director/Sustainability Officer)
Margaret Ahmed (Qualified Educator)
Amee Coles (Qualified Educator)
Brianna Jones (Qualified Educator/Certified Supervisor/OH&S Officer)
Gemma Hayes (Qualified Educator)
Amity Fucile (Qualified Educator)
Paige Weyell (Assistant Educator) 
Out of School Hours Care

Chloe Bennett (OSHC Director/Educational Leader)
Nikki Silvestri (Certificate III Educator/Certified Supervisor)
Jamie-Lee Beynon (Assistant Educator)
Joanne Newhill (Diploma Qualified)
Tresna Stuart (Assistant Educator)